How to Modify a PDF Online with UPDF?

in How To, Knowledgebase on April 21, 2023

PDF files have various applications in industries and academics. If you come across a PDF file containing errors in its text or images, you may require a compatible PDF editor to rectify the mistakes. Additionally, if you need to eliminate unwanted content from your PDF, a PDF editor can assist in removing pages effectively.

This article offers guidance on modifying PDFs using online tools, which come with certain risks that we will discuss in detail. To mitigate these risks, we recommend utilizing an offline tool called UPDF for modifying PDF files. Our professional PDF editor offers a seamless solution to perform diverse tasks on your PDF file without any complications.

Is it Possible to Edit a PDF Online for Free?

Unfortunately, there is no free tool available that can allow you to modify a PDF document entirely online. While some online tools can help you add new content, they have several limitations. You cannot delete or edit existing text within your PDF file, so online PDF editors may not be the most effective way to alter documents.

There are paid online PDF editors available, which offer different subscription plans that must be purchased before editing a PDF file. You cannot find an online PDF editor that offers useful features for free.

What are the risks of Using Online Tools to Edit PDF Files?

Before using an online tool to edit your PDF files, it’s important to understand the potential risks. Here are some risks associated with using online PDF editors:

  • While uploading and modifying your PDF files online, your content may be accessed by unauthorized parties. If you are editing confidential data on your PDF, this can expose it to a vulnerable environment. Therefore, it’s crucial to use a reliable online PDF tool.
  • Online tools do not offer guarantees for keeping your data secure. As a result, there is always a risk of data loss while working on online PDF editors. To prevent this, you should always create a backup copy of your PDF file.
  • Some online PDF editors do not delete data from their servers, which can compromise the privacy of your information and even lead to data leaks. To be safe, you should always read the privacy policies of online tools.
  • Some online PDF editors have file size restrictions that prevent you from uploading large PDF files, and some may have compatibility issues with specific types of PDF files. Additionally, some advanced functions of online tools may require a subscription fee.
  • Internet connectivity is also a significant requirement for online PDF tools. Without a stable internet connection, you won’t be able to use online PDF editors.

Considering the various restrictions and risk factors of using online PDF editors, an offline PDF editor like UPDF may be a better option. UPDF is a compatible software that can be launched instantly on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. It allows you to edit your existing text effectively and doesn’t restrict you from uploading large-sized PDF files.

UPDF offers basic functions like adding annotations, and also advanced features such as adding watermarks, electronic signatures, and stickers to customize your PDF documents. This PDF tool offers a user-friendly interface and enables you to make changes to your PDF file with ease. Below are the detailed instructions for editing your PDF file using UPDF:

1. Click the Open File to import your PDF file.

2. Then, select Edit PDF from the left-hand menu to enter editing mode.

Note: You can modify the text style, size, alignment, color, and even add bold or italic formatting with just one click. Adding or deleting text is also straightforward.

How to add Image to the PDF?

UPDF also allows you to edit images in a PDF file offline. Simply open your PDF file and navigate to the editing mode.

1. Click on the Image option to insert an image into your PDF file.

2. Then double-click on the image to access additional functions like rotation, cropping, and replacement. You can also extract or delete the image.

How to Edit PDF Annotations Offline?

To edit annotations in your PDF file:

1. Go to the Comment tab after importing the file.

Note: You can highlight text with underlines or squiggly lines, strikethrough text, add text comments, sticky notes, or text boxes, and insert shapes or draw with a pencil.

In conclusion, while modifying a PDF file online may seem convenient, it has limitations that can slow down your workflow. Therefore, we recommend using UPDF as an offline tool for modifying your PDF file. It offers a clean interface and all the essential features for effortless PDF editing and modification. Then, what are you waiting for, grab UPDF Annual or Prepetual Plan at myappdeals.

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